The Climate and Weather at
Vanderbilt Beach

The term "Weather" is used to refer to short-term variations in the atmosphere which take place on a day by day time span.  The term "Climate" is used to refer to long term conditions in the atmosphere and covers time spans of months, years and centuries. In looking at the Climate of Vanderbilt Beach we do not have any good records for temperature and rainfall at the Beach itself.  We do have some good data for the city of Naples which we can use to make a good estimate as to what conditions were here at Vanderbilt Beach.  Weather records have been gathered in Naples at the Naples airport since 1948.    Naples airport is located several miles East of the Gulf of Mexico and very likely has greater temperature extremes.  The Gulf will tend to make the beach several degrees cooler in the summer and several degrees warmer in the winter.  When I told my friends in St. louis that I was going to move to Florida many of them asked me how I was going to stand the hot summers.  Well it is hot in the summer but it does not get as hot in Vanderbilt Beach in the summer as it does in St. Louis.  If you look at weather records in St. Louis as well as most other Midwestern cities you will find that it can get very hot in the summer.  The record high temperatures for most of June, all of July and August exceeds 100 degrees.  How many day has the record temperature in Naples exceeded 100 degrees?  NEVER.  Since 1948 the highest temperature ever recorded at the Naples airport was 99 degrees and that was only once.  The moderating effect of the Gulf of Mexico prevents it from getting really Hot at Vanderbilt beach.  How cold does it get?  Well the coldest temperature ever recorded at Naples airport was 26 degrees.  It happened twice, once on Jan. 20, 1977 and then a second time on Jan. 12, 1982.  It is not uncommon for the temperature not to go below freezing (32 degrees) in the whole year.  Snow has never been recorded in Naples.        

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